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Eco Steam – Hand Car Wash / Disinfection

Cleaning – Dry/Wet Steam Hand Cleaning (350 F, 9.5 Bar )

Disinfection – 99.99% Kill Virus, Bacteria, Germ, etc

Eco-Friendly – Plant-based cleaning products.

Allergy Asthma Care – NO residue, NO harsh chemicals, NO alcohol, NO synthetic fragrances, NO aerosol, NO phthalates, formaldehyde.

UV Light Sanitizer -Ultraviolet wave system

World No1. Rupes Detailing – Certified

RUPES is a family-owned and operated Italian Company, founded in 1947 in Milan. Since its inception, RUPES commitment to product innovation and quality manufacturing has defined the company as a worldwide benchmark manufacturer of professional electric and pneumatic tools, accessory items, and vacuum systems.

World No1. Carpro Ceramic Coating

As a leader in detailing nanotechnology, CARPRO strives to offer the most complete line of in-house engineered products for all car care purposes.


CARPRO was established in 2009 by people who love their cars with a mission to make exceptional detailing products available to enthusiasts. Our vision and advanced technology brought coatings like CQUARTZ to the market when they were still unknown to the Western Hemisphere. CARPRO was the original creator of nanotechnology car detailing and continues to bring new products and fresh ideas to the masses. From interior coatings and cleaners to our most well-known ceramic paint coating, CQUARTZ, we have something for every car care need. Your car deserves the ultimate protection and we offer the products that deliver professional results.

World No1. Swissvax Wax

Perfect, deeply reflective surfaces with Swissvax

We firmly believe that regular car care must be easy car care. With our unique products, we support our customers in making their automotive investment shine perfectly again and again with a manageable amount of time.

Goodwill and the use of the right care products are no guarantee of a good result. Only a correct sequence and the use of special care techniques lead to the desired success. Trust our know-how and our Swissvax products and your car will present itself as you wish – simply perfect!

deopool – VIP Custom Car Care

1. World Top Class Detailing & Coating & Waxing

2. World Top Class Products Only

3. Certified, Insured, Guaranteed